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XBB Lightswitch

It has taken a long time, but we're extremly satisfied with the result!

- Install your auxiliary lights in a blink of an eye!
- No damage on the vehicle's orginal cable system!
- Does not interfere with the vehicle's electrical system!
- Connect up to three auxiliary lights!
  (or connect two auxiliary lights and DRL function).
- Short circuit protected!
- Voltage monitoring!
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How does the XBB Lightswitch work?

XBB Lightswitch works by passively reading the signal from the vehicle's high beam. The patented technology together with advanced software is capable of detecting the high beam signal from various sources, included but not limited to Halogen, Bi-xenon and LED.

The XBB Lightswitch is also capable of controlling LED bars, reverse lights, working lights, xenon, halogen and LED auxiliary lights.
It works on both 12V and 24V systems. Voltage and current monitoring on each individual ouput and the vehicle's battery voltage is continuosly monitored.

Got questions about XBB Lightswitch ? See the FAQ.

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