XBB Dongle® & XBB PowerUnit®


  • The easiest & fastest way on the market to install auxiliary light on vehicles.
  • No damage on the vehicle’s orginal cable system!
  • Wireless connection for easy installation of multiple lightning functions.
  • User friendly setup and installation with your own smartphone.
  • Works on both Android & iOS.


Support email: support@xbb.nu

XBB Dongle - Install recipe
XBB Dongle – Add PowerUnits
Volvo V60 – Installation
Tesla Model X – Installation

Compatible car models (New models are added continuously)

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Disclaimer! Vehicle specific software updates may result in some recipes not working. That's outside our control but we work continuously to keep our recipes up to date! Current recipes autoamtically get updated from our database. We work continuously to add more vehicles to our database! If you can't find your vehicle in our database, first step is to test a recipe from the same make and generation/model year. If that doesn't work, please contact us. If there are any specific signals that your require. Contact us and we will attempt to help you.