XBB Dongle® & XBB PowerUnit®


  • The easiest & fastest way to install vehicle lightning on the market!
  • You do not need to search for CAN bus cables in the engine compartment or inside the car.
  • No impact on the car's electrical system! Avoid error codes and warranty penalties!
  • Wireless connection for easy installation of multiple lightning functions.
  • Connect up to 4 XBB PowerUnit® to one XBB Dongle®.
  • User-friendly installation performed with a smartphone, completed in a few minutes.
  • Works on both Android & iOS.

Installation in 90 seconds.

Get signals from high beam, reverse light, ignition etc. all at once.
More video clips can be found at the bottom of the page.


Note! Before you contact our support, read through our Installation manual & FAQ . We also have several instructional videos you can watch.

If you still need to get in touch with us despite this, please use our support page.


Manual, FAQ & wiring guide

Compatible car models (New models are added continuously)

Note! If your cars specification, like for example headlight, gearbox, facelift etc doesn't match the description in the selected recipe. You'll need to test the recipe with XBB Dongle® and the app to make sure that all signals works as intended. Read our FAQ if you have more questions.

If the list is not visible, click on the link:

Disclaimer! Vehicle specific software updates may result in some recipes not working. That's outside our control but we work continuously to keep our recipes up to date! Current recipes autoamtically get updated from our database. We work continuously to add more vehicles to our database! If you can't find your vehicle in our database, first step is to test a recipe from the same make and generation/model year. If that doesn't work, please contact us. If there are any specific signals that your require. Contact us and we will attempt to help you.

Installation instructions and media

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Installation of Recipes
Installation of XBB PowerUnit
Complete installation of XBB Kit - Tesla Model X

Complete installation of XBB Kit - Mercedes W212
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Videos from our customers

Do you have a good installation video you think is missing here? If so, please let us know.
Note! We strongly recommend you to follow our installation manual when installing your XBB system. This is because some important points are not always mentioned in the videos. Use these videos more as a little extra help.

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